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Why Are Baby Teeth So Important?

Last updated 6 years ago

Although primary teeth, often called baby teeth, are temporary and destined to be replaced by permanent teeth down the road, they still play a key role in your child’s health and development. Your pediatric dentist can help you care for your child’s baby teeth. To learn more, take a look at the information below.


Digestion begins in the mouth, where food is chewed into smaller pieces. When children’s teeth are not present or are improperly aligned, food may not be chewed properly, which can result in extended digestion. This may cause inadequate nutrient absorption.

Speech and Language Skills

Teeth play an important role in your child’s ability to form words and speak clearly. Children with damaged baby teeth may have more difficulty speaking, contributing to frustration from being misunderstood or unable to communicate their wants and needs.

Oral Development

When your baby is first born, the sucking motion of nursing and drinking from a bottle help to develop tongue, cheek, and jaw muscles. Proper development of these muscles allows the jawbones to grow as they should. Once your child is able to chew, the act of chewing will continue to develop the tongue, cheek, and jaw muscles. Thus, baby teeth are a necessary part of your child’s oral development.

Permanent Teeth Alignment

Baby teeth help prepare the mouth for the permanent, or adult, teeth. Adult teeth emerge from the gums in the same positions as baby teeth. When there is no baby tooth to follow due to premature loss, the permanent tooth may emerge in the wrong place or with the wrong orientation. In addition, baby teeth hold the space that the adult teeth will occupy. When baby teeth are lost prematurely, adjacent teeth may shift and take over the space intended for an adult tooth.

Preserve your child’s baby teeth with quality pediatric dental care from Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dentistry in Long Island. We strive to provide our young patients with oral care that will positively impact their dental health for a lifetime. Call us today at (516) 798-1111 to schedule an appointment.


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